ISUF2021 will be a fully online event

When – almost two years ago – we decided to host the XXVIII International Seminar on Urban Form ISUF2021 around the theme of Urban form and the Sustainable and Prosperous City, we hoped it would attract strong interest and response, in number, formats and quality of submissions. 

Fast forward to today, after an especially challenging year, we are delighted to report that our expectations have been met and surpassed. We received 491 abstracts from 224 Universities across 52 Countries, which were peer-reviewed thanks to the effort of a pool of 83 international reviewers. We can count on a wonderful list of keynote speakers, which we are sure will set the tone of the event at global level.

This makes us confident that the ISUF2021 conference will be as exciting as we intended, continuing the long tradition of the International Seminar onUrban Form. 

Still, whilst we hoped beyond hope to be able to host the conference in our Glasgow, a beautiful, friendly, historic, modern and experimental city and ideal setting for our discussions, we have finally decided to host it as a fully online event.

Whilst the Covid-19 related situation is improving in a number of Countries, and we hope this will continue in the coming months, uncertainty remains high. Despite the ongoing vaccine campaigns, travel restrictions are likely to remain in many Countries. Furthermore, there is no certainty on the possibility to host large indoor events and, even in the coming months, it will very likely require a significantly reduced capacity of venues.

This uncertainty hasn’t given us enough confidence to host an in-person or even hybrid event. Therefore, we have taken the decision that, whilst we are all eager to meet in person and fully understand how important this is for both veterans and young researchers, it is best to organise an event that is safe and equal for everyone.

Looking at the bright side of things, this will allow us to reach out to an even greater audience, bringing urban morphology and its value to new colleagues and friends, as well as to audiences that would not have been able to join us in Glasgow, or that would normally not consider attending a Conference.

Whilst we appreciate this might be a disappointment for some, we will do our very best to deliver an exciting, engaging and memorable event for everyone.

Slán leat* to all!

*(Pronounced “slawn lyet”)

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